Before Sunrise

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My colleagues here advised that I get up to see the sunrise, swearing that every morning has been spectacular lately. While not really a sunrise sort of girl (getting out of bed to stand around in the dark really isn't my thing) I am awake as they sky is first starting to show color. . . ok, I'll try it.

It is freezing out (9 below zero - colder when the light breeze comes around) and I have forgotten to grab my gloves. The Lakewalk is a solid sheet of ice, but I actually have practical shoes with good traction, so I pick my way along to a likely spot, set up the tripod and wait.

The wait is cold, but amazing. I can hear the lake's quiet conversation as the shifting ice crackles and pops. Fog drifts past the light houses, making them look ethereal against the brightening sky. (If it weren't so icy, I'd be over there taking pictures.) It's gorgeous, a bit other worldly. . . and cold.

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