Where Better to Spend a Blustery Day than in a Museum (or Three)?

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Museums are among our favorite places to spend time in DC anyway, so that seems like the perfect place to spend a cold and windy day.

We start with the Renwick. This is a favorite of ours anyway, but right now the museum is hosting a show featuring work by Italian master glass artist Lino Tagliapietra. His artistry is amazing, much of it featuring layers of colored glass polished and cut to create a depth that can’t possibly be captured in a photo. It’s breath-taking.

Of course, we also spend some time visiting old friends in the museum’s permanent collection too, including a “rusty” ceramic engine and tools, Larry Fuente’s Game Fish, Darryl and Karen Arawjo’s Nest of Fifteen Baskets, and an all-glass dinner party setting.

Our next stop is the National Museum of the American Indian.

This is supposed to be our lunch stop for the day (the cafĂ© features native and native-inspired foods from the Americas and it is the best of the Smithsonian cafeterias), but the Christmas craft show in the main hall takes a bit more time and a few more dollars. While I can’t afford the elaborate pieces by Ed Archie Noisecat (who lived and worked in the Twin Cities for a time a number of years ago), it is hard to resist the beautifully made - and affordably priced - pieces created by Tonya June Rafael, a Navajo artist from New Mexico.

Even though it is still really cold, there are these fabulous structures in the garden outside that are just too intriguing to ignore.

Our next stop is the wonderful National Museum of African Art, where a combined photography/Middle-east jewelry show is on display. Most – but not all – of the pieces are from Morocco. All of them are incredible works of art.