Dinner with Aunt Jody

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Growing up, the kids next door had an aunt who lived in Alaska. Periodically they would share a letter from her talking about her life in Alaska. We were all fascinated - Aunt Jody seemed to live in an incredibly exotic place.

Now it has been many, many years since I’ve lived next door to the Mehelich kids and got regular updates from them on Jody’s life in Alaska. Despite that, I’ve never forgotten about Jody, still think of her as “Aunt Jody,” and still get periodic updates on her life in Alaska from my folks. Now that we are in Alaska, it seems only right that we stop in to visit.

After a delay to search out a hostess gift (Where can I find flowers in Alaska? How about wine? What if they don’t drink? Where do they hide the liquor stores in this town?), we pull up in front of Art and Jody’s house just as dusk begins to fall.

Even though she’s not actually relative and we’ve only met a couple of times, Lane and I are greeted as if we really are family.

It is a lovely evening spent eating, drinking and talking about vacations past and future, our extended families, travel, and life in Alaska.

What a treat.