Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're Off Again

I ran into Peggy and Brian on my way out of the office, giving them both a cheery "Good bye! See you next week!" as I step into the elevator.

As the door closes, I can hear Peggy ask "Where is she going. . . Wasn't she just on vacation?"

So, in answer to Peggy's questions:
  • I am going to Michigan, and,
  • That was such a short trip it shouldn't even count as a vacation.
To be precise, we will be attending an Inuit art collector's meeting in Traverse City this weekend.

This event seemed like a reasonable excuse for a fall driving tour, so now we are in Duluth.

Lane has spent the better part of the day hanging around Canal Park (in the rain and wind) waiting for me to finish a series of meetings. Don't feel too sorry for him though, as mostly he has been hanging out in Sivertson's, the Duluth Pack store, Hell's Kitchen, and Amazing Grace bakery. It could be worse.

Now, my meetings successfully concluded, we are off, through the rain, toward Ashland, Wisconsin.

Our plan had been to drive to Ashland via Bayfield in order to celebrate Lane's birthday (belatedly) at Wild Rice. However, this afternoon Lane discovered that my information was old and that the restaurant in now closed on Tuesdays. Dang.

I guess we'll get to Ashland a earlier than we had planned.

This would be a lovely drive if I could see it a little more clearly through the rainy haze. There is a lot of yellow mixed in with the pines, but the colors are dulled by this weather. Oh well. Perhaps I'll finally have time to catch up on my reading during this trip. . .

Next Post: The U.P.

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