North Shore Colors

Although my neighbor's ash tree has turned a brilliant shade of yellow, from my perch here on the front porch it is very hard to believe that it is fall. It sure doesn't feel like fall. . .

But fall IS arriving, even here, and I heard on the radio that this should be the peak weekend for fall colors up along the North Shore. It's hard to believe that it will be even more beautiful up there this weekend than it was two weeks ago -- so perhaps they are wrong. You can decide for yourself:

At Ken & Hazel's (September 22)

Out Amidst the Trees (September 23)

Good-Bye Duluth (September 24)
Gooseberry Falls
Along the Way

A Scenic Drive (September 25)
Along the Brule

Peak Experiences (September 26)
Blueberry Hill
Gunflint Lodge
Happy Anniversary!

Morning on Gunflint Lake
(September 27)
Honeymoon Bluff
The Two Harbors Lighthouse
At the Rainbow's End

The Details