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Ah, it is so good to be in Duluth. I love this city, with it's weird mix of heavy industry and tourist kitsch - all embracing the lake. As both a major tourist town and a hardworking international port, Duluth has a gritty integrity that a lot of tourist places have lost. It's just a really interesting place to be - I'd live here if I thought I could handle the winters.

We check into our waterfront hotel and then head for Canal Park.

Since the lift bridge is already up, we hurry to see who is leaving the inner harbor.

We watch the John J. Boland as it quickly heads out into the open water. It always amazes me how fast these huge ships move through here.

A short walk allows some time to take in the harbor scene and then watch as the Inviken makes its way into the harbor.

It is a good way to end the afternoon.

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