At the Rainbow's End

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It is about dinner time and Lane would like to eat something, so I tell him to keep a watch out for the Scenic Café. We miss it and he doesn't seem that eager to eat there, so I keep going - I'm ambivalent about stopping for dinner anyhow. However, as we drive through Duluth it occurs to me that this would be a good time to (once again) try to get into the Boathouse in Superior. (It was closed when we stopped there for dinner on Sunday). It is a bit of a detour, but not too far out of our way.

Of course, once we get to the restaurant, they refuse to seat anyone who doesn't already have a reservation. They don't seem interested in my pleading and I vow never to eat there again. (A vow I probably won't keep since there really aren't that many fabulous restaurants in the Duluth-Superior area.)

Back on the road, I decide it is time to just get out of here and go home, but as we near the exit for the Duluth rest area, Lane reminds me that I wanted to stop to check out the view.

I can see by the rear view mirror that the light on the harbor looks good, so I exit.

When we stop, I can see the end of a rainbow far to the north. Sweet!