Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Egypt is Awesome

Egypt really is awesome and amazing:

The Beginning (Monday, February 7)

Frankfurt (Tuesday, February 8)
The Cairo Airport
Dinner in Cario

The Egyptian Museum (Wednesday, February 9)
In Search of the Holy Family

The Night Train to Luxor (Thursday, February 9)

Arrival in Luxor (Friday, February 10)
Medinet Habu
Hatshepsut's Temple
The Alabaster Factory
The Valley of the Kings
Luxor City
The Evening Convoy to Hurghada

The Red Sea (Saturday, February 11)

Leaving Makadi (Sunday, February 12)
Crossing the Red Sea
The Charm of Sharm
The Road to St. Catherine's
Evening at the Monastery

Dawn (Monday, February 13)
A Tour of the Monastery
From the Outside Looking In

Through the Sinai (Tuesday, February 13)
Back in Cairo

Morning Above the Nile (Wednesday, February 14)
Traveling Through the City
Sultan Hassan Mosque
The Citadel
Al-Azhar Park
The Wednesday Lecture
Saint Mark

Saqqara (Thursday, February 15)
Magic Carpets
The Pyramids of Giza

The Coptic Museum (Friday, February 16)
The Hanging Church
Religious Architecture Galore
El Azhar Mosque and the Khan El Khalili Market

Into the Western Desert (Saturday, February 17)
The Monastery of St. Macarius
The Monastery of the Syrians
The Monastery of St. Bishoy
Wadi Naturn

Cairo's Christian Garbage Collectors (Sunday, February 18)
On Foot
4 p.m.
The End

The Details

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  1. Of course it's awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here at Egypt and that you got your journey well documented


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