Sunday, March 19, 2006

So Many Options

The travel company we used for the Peru/Ecuador trip is offering a trip to Egypt (with an extension to Petra) that looks oh so tempting for a fall vacation. The trip is reasonably priced and this is a part of the world we are not going to wander about in on our own.

Of course, Italy, France, London, the southwest US all beckon.

So many choices!

If only I had more vacation time. . .

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Changes in Summer Travel Plans

Well, it sounds like I won't be in Paris this summer.

I've been trying to plan a mid-summer vacation with my parents, including time in Paris and a reunion in Germany that my father wanted to attend. Despite some initial hesitancy (I haven't traveled with my parents since I was 19 AND I try to avoid high-season travel), I was getting pretty excited about the trip itself. Now it is off.

Of course, this means we can plan something more affordable -- like Paris in the off-season, but it also leaves us with a whole world of other options to consider. There is also the fact that I tend to feel a little unsettled when I don't have an upcoming vacation to look forward too. Time to start watching the travel specials!